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  So after seeing people do this, I couldn't really resist. With that said... prepare for the interview...

..::The Rules::..


Choose one of your own characters (OC).


Make them answer the following questions.

Then tag three people.

Feel free to add some questions of your own. (I totally did BTW, so look for the new ones!)

..::Interview Time!::..

Interviewee(s): Ventum

Good evening, what is your name?

Ventum. *Pulls out small device*

What is that? I thought we had a security check?

Y'all don't *presses a button*

...What did you do?

I just turned off all your censor machines, I've heard about this interview shit already, and unlike them, I have the technology to stop your censors...

Okay then. What gender are you?

I'm a guy, obviously. Ask me a better question.

What is your age?

Old enough to kill you, escape out of prison, and go undetected, is that old enough..? Fine, I'm 21. 

Do you want a hug?

What are you, queer? Hell no. If you so much as lay a finger on me I'll turn you into chopped sushi with my Wind Blades.

What is your favorite food?

Chicken. It's rare in my parts though, so I have to go out of the city to get it. Worth it.

What is your favorite ice-cream flavor?

*Makes an ice cube* *shoots it at the interviewer's head* Owwww, you didn't have to do that. Well, you pissed me off... I don't even have Ice Cream in my world. Teasing dick.

Are you a virgin?

Well... it's a long story... I'd rather not reveal her name, but one of the lasses from my team sorta threw herself at me... I'm not kidding you. No regrets though, it's not rape if you enjoy it *shrugs* Now our relationship is pretty strong. So, no regrets... again

Have you killed anyone?

Several people, too many to count. It's the life I have to get for being a wanted felon in the city.

Do you hate anyone?

Several. Solus, Saevio, you, and also, you.

Do you have any secrets?

Tons bo. That's a stupid question *shoots another ice cube* Owwww, not again *rubs head*. Don't ask me stupid shit, numb nuts.

What is your favorite season?

Winter. My powers are Ice and Wind, of course it would be Winter.

Who is your best friend(s)?

My team, and I'm not telling you their names. How do I know you're not working for our enemy Solus?

What are your hobbies?

Several things. Killing people is one of them, watching them run away like little bitches and then shooting them with the air cannon. Oh it's great, their guts go everywhere and paint the roads red. I also rather enjoy shooting you with ice cubes.

What is your favorite drink?

The blood of Solus... that is some nice tasting blood.

When is your birthday?

You serious? There is no days, dates, anything in my world. It's what ever the fuck you want it to be. You really are a dumb ass.

Are you nice or mean? *whispers to self* Clearly he is mean...

Okay, one, I heard you you sly fucker. Two, I can be nice to you, but you gotta be nice to me... and I have to trust you. Three, I'm only mean to you because you ask me stupid shit.

Are you social or shy?

Social to the team, shy to the world. The world does not need to hear my talk about it, or else it might explode into asteroids.

What do you think of your parents?

I don't even know my parents, I was cast to the local Orphanage and was there for what felt like forever... until I blew it up.

Hmmm... how did you blow up the Orphanage?

With fucking bombs, Micheal Bay style. Dumb question *shoots another ice cube* ...I don't even need to say oww anymore.

What's your weakness?

I have several, but it's not like I'm telling you, fuckin' id-git.

What do you do on a regular day basis?

Kill shit and evade the local city authorities. Oh, also, plot Solus' death...

Do you love someone? How about romantically?

Cat's out of the bag, but... the one lass from the team. She really showed me what love was. But why would you care, you no-life, fat ass piece of shit?

When was the last time you wet yourself?

I have never wet myself... you must think very low about me *pulls out Wind Sword* *Wind Blade appears* Remember... I'll cut you into sushi if I want to or have to.

What's your favorite band?

The kind that's in the built in MP3 of my suit. Too many to count...

Ever worn a dress?

*Holds Wind Sword out to neck* I will fucking kill you. Just you try me you dick.  Okay, okay. Please don't kill me.
Good... because no, I haven't

What do you consider fun during the day?

Killing people and blowing shit up... we went over this.

At night?

Hanging with the lass. Idiot

Ever kissed anyone?

...Again, the lass. Fuck off with your stupid questions.

...Of the same gender?

*cuts off the interviewer's hand* AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!  I fucking TOLD you to not ask stupid questions. Next time I cut off your whole arm. Anyways, no, why the hell would I?

What's your favorite thing to touch?

The lass' hair. Soft feeling, really makes me feel comfy.

Does anyone love you?

The lass.

What's your favorite color(s)?

Teal, Magenta, and Black.

When was the last time you cried?

Never. I have had my almost moments, but never...

Do you have a pet?

Hell nah. You really are pissing me off now though... *cuts off arm*

AHHHHHHHH! *holding nub and trying to stop bleeding* Are you crazy?!?!


What are you?!?!

Your worst nightmare, idiot.

*calms down* What's your nickname?

My team likes to refer to me by Venni sometimes, but that's it.

Do you consider yourself a happy or a down person?

I'm happy when I can kill shit, so right now, I'm not very happy.

If you were a superhero, you'd be...?

I'm not 8, dumb ass

Favorite movie?

The fuck's a movie?

What is your current occupation?

Do I need to spell it out? K-I-L-L-I-N-G Space S-H-I-T

Does that answer your question?

Who do you know that bugs you?


Have you 'done it' in the past month?

The lass has tried to get me to, but I've been busy with "work", and by work, I mean killing.

Ever think about getting married?

Marriage isn't a thing in my world, it's just a bond you share.

Have you ever had a sleepover with someone of the opposite sex?

Sleepover? No, but I have slept with my team, and the lass.

When was the first time you 'did it'?

Before my last major fight with Solus.

Do you have any piercings anywhere?

No, why would I?

*about to die from blood loss* One more question... Can you put me out my misery..?

Sure, *chops head off*. Finally, got rid of his ass.

*Another Interviewer* Final question. Who do you tag?

No one, idiot. Later *Teleports away*

Well, that was fun. In all seriousness though, anyone who wants to join in, feel free to. I tag no one.
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Stelvak Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
Did you happen to have a YouTube account called GeluStudios way back in the day?
Ventum-Mittens Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
Yes sir, I did. I remember you commenting on my stuff! I've moved to a new channel now though.…

There's a link to it, only got 2 vids up right now though :P

But yeah, I used to be GeluStudios, why?
Stelvak Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
I was redirected here from Meskii's list of cool peepz, after which I looked through your gallery, sat back, and thought, "Only GeluStudios used this much teal on his MOCs."  Putting two and two together, I came to the conclusion that you were, in fact, GeluStudios, reincarnated as Ventum.  Yeah, I remember watching your stuff on the old YouTube.  I don't really MOC anymore; I'm more into writing now, but I still enjoy looking at other people's Lego work, and, I have to say, yours finally seems to have caught the attention it deserves.

So, the abridged version of all that: long time, no see.
Ventum-Mittens Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
Lol, thanks for saying that. Never really thought my work would get the attention of others.

On a side, note, nice to see you writing, I need to do more of that myself :P

Anyways, thanks for the comment (As well as the watch) :3
Maxustech Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch! Also I remember you over mocpages, I do happen to have you in my favorite builders.
Ventum-Mittens Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014
Coolio. It's no problem, your mocs are pretty good.
Maxustech Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:XD: jee thanks
Ventum-Mittens Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014
No problem
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